A clean workspace goes beyond creating a shiny veneer for visitors, it’s about keeping your restaurant, office, warehouse, gym – or any  commercial operation you’re running – clean and safe for all visitors.

The commercial cleaning market in Australia is estimated to be worth around $12 billion each year. With more than 43,000 businesses across Australia employing commercial cleaning services, it should come as no surprise that there are more than 4,000 Australians searching in Google each month for an answer to “how much do commercial cleaning services cost?”.

Whilst the question is simple, there are a number of factors that must first be considered before coming up with an average cost of commercial cleaning in Australia. If you’re looking to book for the first time, or you feel like your current provider of commercial cleaning services may be overcharging, our price guide will help you make an informed decision for your commercial space.


Average Costs of Commercial Cleaning in Australia

When it comes to determining the average cost of cleaning in Australia, there are a myriad of factors that need to be considered. In the same way that your holiday destination and method of travel will influence the cost and outcome, so too does the type of cleaning that is required and the quality of the service that is provided.

As a guide, the cost of commercial cleaning in Australia will range from  $40 to  $70 per hour depending on the cleaning scope and the attributes of your commercial premises, as well as when the service is completed. Standard office cleaning will invariably be cheaper than complex jobs in medical facilities, schools, or other premises which require additional staffing and insurance requirements.

Just like anything, you get what you pay for – so it’s important to consider the quality of service, experience of the service provider, materials used (hardware and cleaning products) to determine the best value cleaning service for your commercial premises.


Why Commercial Cleaning is Important

Reasons why commercial cleaning is important

Before we jump in, it’s first important to address the elephant in the room ‘why is commercial cleaning important and do I need it for my business’. Whether you’re growing at a rate that means keeping things clean yourself is no longer feasible, or you understand the opportunity cost of getting deep into the nitty gritty of cleaning when you should be focussed on your core service or product offering, here are some of the reasons why commercial cleaning is so important.

Health & Safety

  • Reduces spread of illnesses
  • Maintains hygiene in restrooms and kitchens
  • Reduces allergens and improves air quality
  • Ensures safe disposal of waste

Productivity & Morale

  • Boosts employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Reduces sick days and associated costs
  • Enhances concentration by reducing distractions


  • Prolongs the life of  flooring and carpets
  • Prevents long-term damage from stains and spills
  • Reduces the need for painting

Economic Benefits

  • Supports customer & employee retention
  • Reduces cost in the long run by avoiding major repairs
  • Increases property value and appeal

Employee & Visitor Wellbeing

  • Ensures a comfortable space for employees and visitors
  • Reduces stress and promotes mental well-being
  • Encourages positive energy and creativity in a clean environment


Factors That Influence The Cost of Commercial Cleaning Services

Not all commercial cleaning jobs are the same. As such, there are a number of factors that will dictate the average cost of commercial cleaning and what you can expect to pay. Some of the most important considerations that will include the costs of commercial cleaning services in Australia:

Size of Premises

  • Total square footage
  • Number of rooms or areas
  • Level of clutter or organisation

Frequency & Duration

  • Daily, bi-weekly, or weekly,
  • Hours required per session
  • Scope of cleaning schedule

Type of Premises

  • Office buildings
  • Retail spaces
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Medical institutions
  • Gyms
  • Schools & universities

Scope of Cleaning Services  

  • Basic cleaning vs deep cleaning
  • Specialised services (e.g., carpet shampooing)
  • Requirement for sanitisation or disinfection

Required Staff & Level of Expertise

  • Number of cleaning staff
  • Experience level of staff
  • Special certifications (e.g. medical facilities)

Location & Accessibility

  • Urban vs rural rates
  • Parking availability
  • Accessibility of premises (e.g. high-rise buildings)

Contractual Agreements

  • Long-term vs short-term contracts
  • Inclusion of emergency or ad-hoc services
  • Special conditions (e.g., after-hours cleaning)

Additional Services

  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Outdoor cleaning requirements


Factors that Can Drive Up Costs for Commercial Cleaning

Factors that increase the costs OF commercial cleaning

While we all do our best to ensure that commercial cleaning is accessible, consistent, and affordable for all businesses, there are a number of factors that are likely to increase the cost of commercial cleaning services in Australia. Some of the factors that impact  the cost of commercial cleaning include:

Economic & Market Factors

  • Wages according to the Cleaning Services Award
  • Shifts in demand, especially post-event, or festive seasons
  • Shifts in material costs such as chemicals and equipment

Operational Special Consideration Factors

  • Interactions with other services or disruptions
  • Special care for sensitive equipment or areas
  • Need for background checks in secure facilities

Safety & Compliance Considerations

  • Adherence to WorkSafe Australia guidelines
  • Use of safety equipment or gear
  • Special training to ensure safety protocols are met for unique environments 

Insurance & Liability Considerations

  • Coverage for potential damages or accidents
  • Increased rates for high-risk environments
  • Liability considerations in spaces with valuable assets 

Commercial Cleaning Checklists

Whilst most people envision commercial cleaning as a gone-by-night team of undercover cleaners that swoop into an office at the end of a working day, there is more to commercial cleaning than just offices. As such, the array of commercial cleaning services offered is  different and should be tailored to  the space that is being cleaned. Some of the most common commercial cleaning undertakings include offices (of course), cafes & restaurants, warehouses, gyms, and universities and schools.

To give an idea of how different these services look, we’ve put together a checklist of the tasks that commercial cleaners can complete  according to the different spaces and requirements. Remember, commercial cleaners will customise  their services to your needs , so there is no set list of deliverables – these should be quoted and agreed upon based on your unique requirements.

Commercial cleaning Checklist

Office Commercial Cleaning Checklist

General Office Area

  • Empty all garbage bins and replace liners
  • Dust all surfaces, including desks, tables, and shelves
  • Wipe down and disinfect light switches and door handles
  • Clean windows (interior)
  • Dust blinds and window treatments
  • Sweep and mop tile or hardwood floors in general areas
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs in general areas and private offices

Kitchen & Break Areas

  • Clean and disinfect common areas like kitchen/breakroom surfaces
  • Clean inside and outside of office appliances (e.g., microwave, coffee machine)
  • Refill soap and hand towel dispensers in kitchens


  • Clean and disinfect toilets and sinks
  • Refill soap dispensers
  • Refill toilet paper and paper towel dispensers
  • Sweep and mop floors

Conference Rooms & Reception

  • Wipe down and disinfect conference table and chairs
  • Clean whiteboards or chalkboards in conference rooms
  • Organise magazines or reading materials in the reception area
  • Dust and clean reception desk
  • Sweep and mop stairwells and clean handrails
  • Vacuum or mop elevator floors and disinfect buttons


Warehouse Commercial Cleaning Checklist

General Warehouse Area

  • Empty all rubbish bins and replace liners
  • Mechanical sweeping of floor areas
  • Sanitise door handles, railings, and other high-touch surfaces
  • Dust and wipe down all workstations

Office & Workstations Spaces

  • Vacuum carpeted office areas or rugs
  • Dust and wipe down all workstations, benches, and office spaces
  • Clean windows and any glass partitions

Bathroom & Kitchen Spaces

  • Clean and disinfect restrooms, including toilets, sinks, and mirrors
  • Refill soap and sanitiser dispensers in restrooms and kitchen areas
  • Refill toilet paper and hand towel dispensers in restrooms
  • Wipe down and clean breakroom or kitchen areas

Maintenance, Storage & Safety Checklist

  • Check and clean any ventilation systems or fans
  • Clear and sanitise any provided locker or storage areas for employees
  • Check for mould or mildew and address any areas of concern
  • Empty and clean any provided spill kits or safety equipment areas
  • Provide a report on any areas that might require maintenance


Gyms Commercial Cleaning Checklist

General Workout Area

  • Empty all rubbish bins and replace liners
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and mop hard floors
  • Dust and disinfect all gym equipment, including weights, treadmills, bikes etc.
  • Wipe down and sanitise mats, benches
  • Sanitise door handles, railings, and other high-touch surfaces
  • Ensure all exercise balls, bands, and miscellaneous gear are clean

Restrooms & Showers

  • Clean and disinfect restrooms, including toilets, showers, sinks, and mirrors
  • Refill soap, shampoo, and sanitiser dispensers
  • Refill toilet paper and hand towel dispensers
  • Address any wet areas to prevent mould and slips
  • Rotate and organise any provided towels

Reception & Common Areas

  • Clean windows, mirrors, and any glass partitions
  • Dust and wipe down reception and seating areas
  • Wipe down TVs, tablets, or sound systems
  • Clear and sanitise any water fountains or hydration stations

Other Spaces

  • Check and clean any sauna or steam rooms, ensuring they’re mould-free
  • Disinfect lockers and sanitise locker areas
  • Clean and disinfect any children’s play areas or day-care zones within the gym
  • Check and clean ventilation systems, fans, and air conditioners


University & Schools Commercial Cleaning Checklist


  • Empty rubbish bins and replace liners
  • Vacuum carpets; mop floors
  • Disinfect desks, chairs, and podiums
  • Clean windows and partitions
  • Wipe chalkboards/whiteboards
  • Sanitise shared resources

Restrooms & Change Rooms

  • Disinfect toilets, showers, and sinks
  • Refill soap and sanitiser
  • Refill toilet paper and hand towels

Corridors & Common Areas

  • Vacuum carpets; mop floors
  • Sanitise railings and handles
  • Clean windows and displays

Dining Areas & Kitchen

  • Disinfect tables and counters
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Sweep and mop floors

Libraries & Study Rooms

  • Dust bookshelves
  • Wipe study tables and computers
  • Sanitise shared items

Recreation & Outdoor Areas

  • Clean gym equipment
  • Empty outdoor rubbish bins
  • Sweep sports halls & courts

Maintenance & Reports

  • Report damaged equipment or areas


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of low cost cleaning services in Australia, but they can be fraught with problems. Our clients have told us about previous service providers who simply did not show up regularly, failed to clean specified areas, or even lacked the ability to communicate with the client about the cleaning services. It’s also important to note that low cost cleaners  may be inexperienced or uninsured. Whether your in the North Shore or Western Sydney, when it comes to choosing the right commercial cleaner for your business, it’s important to look beyond the lowest cost to find a provider that delivers a comprehensive, reliable and value-driven result.


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