When it comes to finding the right commercial cleaner in Sydney, the biggest  area of concern is naturally going to be costs. Some commercial cleaners will will offer very low prices, but they may not be able to deliver quality cleaning on a reliable basis. Sadly, not all companies in the commercial cleaning industry are paying Award wages or maintaining the correct insurances and employee entitlements, which means they offer rock bottom prices. . We get it – it can be hard to know how much you should be paying for commercial cleaning in Sydney. 

So we’re going to delve straight into what you can expect to pay, and the factors that can drive those costs up or down.

Average cost of commercial cleaning in Sydney

A Sydney commercial or office cleaning will typically cost an average between $50 to $70 an hour of work. Evenings, weekends and public holidays are more expensive than office hours cleaning.

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Commercial cleaners are paid according to the Cleaning Industry Award which stipulates minimum wage standards. If your cleaning firm is charging you less than these rates then they could be easily not paying award wages, or failing to meet other legislated requirements such as maintaining the correct level of workers compensation insurance, or failing to pay into the Long Service Leave scheme for the cleaning industry.

Depending on the size and complexity of your space, commercial cleaning costs can add up to several hundred dollars in total. In addition, quotes may vary on the scope of the cleaning works and the equipment used. 

Types of businesses serviced under commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning in Sydney is covers a wide range of businesses and spaces including but not limited to:

What’s included in commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning services typically include thorough cleaning of your entire commercial space. Cleaners will perform the following tasks in a regularly scheduled service:

  • Mopping and vacuuming floors 
  • Wiping down surfaces to remove dust
  • Disinfecting high touch areas such as door handles and light switches
  • Restocking consumables and supplies (hand soap, toilet paper)
  • Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms

Any other client-specific requirements will also be completed during the service, such as washing windows or fridge clean outs.

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Factors that drive the costs of commercial cleaning in Sydney

Commercial cleaning providers may operate with different pricing models. However, generally the prices will be influenced by:

  • Equipment used

The cleaning industry is undergoing a wave of innovation. New technologies include robot vacuums, battery powered vacuums, along with many other new products launched every year. Cleaning companies that invest in these new technologies are beginning to find ways to create efficiency in cleaning services, meaning they can maintain or lift the cleaning standard, while reducing costs to the clients.

  • Size of your commercial premises

Larger spaces naturally require more cleaning time and resources, leading to higher costs. Knowing the size of your commercial premises is essential for obtaining accurate cleaning quotes.

  • Condition of your space (dirtier spaces attract higher costs)

The initial cleaning cost might be higher than regular maintenance, especially if your space is particularly dirty, requires deep cleaning, or has accumulated dust and debris over time. Regular cleaning helps maintain a certain standard and usually carries a lower cost.

For example, a warehouse with amenities may become much more dirty than an office, since dirt and debris may come in on the shoes, clothes and hands of the workers, leading to dirtier bathrooms, walls and doors.

  • Scope of cleaning

Pricing will vary depending on specifically what needs to be cleaned. Some examples may help illustrate.

We service a Church which requires daily cleaning of votive candle holders. This requires a staff member to clean these by hand with a special tool and takes 20-30 mins each day. 

We clean many schools. School toilets require more effort than office toilets. Enough said. 

  • Independent contractor versus cleaning company

Independent contractors can offer lower prices than cleaning companies, because they have low overheads. This is great for organisations wishing to keep cleaning costs low and that won’t have a problem if the contractor takes leave or is unwell and missing cleaning services is not an issue.

Cleaning companies have overheads such as teams of backup cleaners, who can cover when cleaners are away. In addition, cleaning companies employ area managers who oversee staff and quality and act as a point of contact for clients to discuss cleaning matters. Good communication can improve cleaning outcomes and customer satisfaction, which leads to good value for the money invested in cleaning.

Recurring vs. once off commercial cleaning costs

There’s also the question of whether your commercial space requires a recurring cleaning service or just a single one-off cleaning. While the upfront cost of a recurring cleaning service may seem higher at first, most companies will price each session at a slight discount compared to the price of a once-off cleaning. If your commercial space needs consistent cleaning, it will be more cost-effective to opt for an ongoing commercial cleaning partnership. 

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Essential considerations when comparing commercial cleaning prices

Now that you’re aware of what can impact the costs of commercial cleaning in Sydney, here are some tips that will help you find a reliable cleaning service that provides you the best value for your money. Make sure to review:

  • Experience of the cleaners

Check for the experience of the cleaning providers. Commercial cleaning can be complicated, especially when it comes to the safe handling of cleaning equipment and chemicals. A service with ample industry experience will be able to quickly and effectively clean your space to your satisfaction each time. 

  • What is included in the clean

Be clear on what you are getting as part of the cleaning service. If necessary, request for a detailed list of the cleaning scope so that you know exactly what you are paying for. 

  • Quality of hardware and cleaning products

Old equipment, such as vacuum cables can be a risk. Make sure the cleaning company has an appropriate test and tag procedure in place to keep electrical equipment safe.

While microfibre cloths aren’t a matter for safety, you should make sure your cleaning company provides ample to the team and that there is a process for them to be laundered regularly. Without clean cloths, your facility will not be properly cleaned.

  • Safety protocol and licensing

Generally, commercial cleaning companies will have work health and safety proceedures in place safety reasons, but it doesn’t hurt to perform checks of your own. Ask for proof of credentials if you are unsure about the service’s qualifications. Showpiece Commerical Cleaning is accredited with Ebix Trades Monitor and CM3.

As the best commercial cleaners in Sydney for all types of businesses and organisations, Showpiece Commercial Cleaning offers effective services at competitive prices. Contact our team today to find out how affordable commercial cleaning can be!


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