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Showpiece Commercial is the leading cleaning service provider for businesses and commercial spaces in Sydney’s Macquarie Park.

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services in Macquarie Park

Office cleaning is a tedious task that can be time consuming, laborious, and when not completed, can impact the flow of your business operations.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. With the help of Showpiece’s expert cleaning team, your business can have a consistently clean space that is both sanitised and adds to a conducive working environment without all the fuss.

With over 22 years in the commercial cleaning industry, our team knows what it takes to keep any type of commercial space clean, from retail stores to high-rise offices. Regardless of your business type, we’ll work meticulously to cover all areas and ensure that your workspaces are kept in optimal condition.

Contact our friendly team today to find out how your Macquarie Park office can benefit from professional commercial cleaning.

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Keep Your Macquarie Park Office Clean & Sanitised

To ensure a clean and pristine office space, we will create a cleaning plan and schedule that is specifically tailored to the needs of your Macquarie Park commercial space. Our cleaning consultants will first conduct an on-site inspection of your space to determine the more efficient way to clean it, as well as to better understand any special requirements it may have.

The exact recommended cleaning frequency for your office space will depend on its size as well as any other special requirements, but we typically advise a minimum of once a week for a clean workspace. If your office is prone to high foot traffic or industrial work, our team may suggest a daily cleaning schedule to avoid any build-up of dirt or grime that can create an unhygienic or unsafe working environment.

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The Value of Commercial Cleaning

A clean workspace significantly contributes to your business’s professional image and can influence clients’ perceptions. Your office environment plays a crucial role in showcasing your commitment to quality and attention to detail. Investing in a professional commercial cleaning service can confer the following benefits:

  • Better productivity

  • Reduced risk of sickness

  • A professional business image
  • Compliance with workplace safety regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included in an Office Clean?

Our office cleaning services typically include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Sanitising frequently touched areas
  • Replenishing cleaning supplies
  • Wiping and dusting off surfaces

But we can also tailor our services to meet the needs of your organisation.

Do You Offer Carpet Cleaning Services?

Yes, we do. Our carpet cleaning services are available as a separate add-on and will cover the entirety of your carpeted areas.

We offer two types of carpet cleaning — steaming and shampooing. Our teams make use of the latest carpet cleaning equipment to scrub deep into the fibres of the carpet to remove debris and apply hot steam to get rid of stubborn stains and prevent mould growth. Once cleaned, your carpets will be left with a fresh and professional presentation that contributes to a hygienic working environment.

Can You Provide An Estimate?

Sure! We understand that cost is a big factor for your business, which is why we offer tailored and transparent quotes that match your space’s cleaning needs. To get an accurate quote for office cleaning in Macquarie Park, simply contact our team with your business details and we’ll send one to you, free of charge!