Commercial Cleaning North Sydney

Showpiece Commercial specialise in commercial cleaning services in North Sydney – from office buildings on Walker St, to local schools and community centres in north of the bridge suburbs such as Kirribilli, Crows Nest, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Milsons Point, and Lavender Bay.

Commercial & Office Cleaning for North Sydney Businesses

Second only to Sydney’s CBD, North Sydney is one of the city’s most commercial districts. Connecting the lower north shore with the Sydney harbour, North Sydney is teeming with office buildings, local schools, community halls, retail stores, childcare facilities, warehouses, and fitness centres; all of which require ongoing, high-quality cleaning to continue serving the local community. That’s where Showpiece Commercial come in.

Showpiece Commercial provide excellent commercial cleaning services to businesses of North Sydney, and are backed by more than 22 years of industry experience. Our commercial cleaning team focus on helping local businesses and companies to continue operating seamlessly, safe in the knowledge that their commercial or workspace is kept clean, tidy, and hygienic for employees, customers, and clients.

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The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning goes beyond tidying up desks and wiping down surfaces – commercial cleaning is a vital part of keeping your business running seamlessly. Here’s what our North Sydney commercial cleaners can provide for your business:

  • Keep your office clean & professional for clients, customers, and staff

  • Increases employee productivity and morale

  • Keeps the office hygienic, preventing the spread of germs

  • Keeps office and commercial equipment in good working order

  • One less thing to worry about

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How Our North Sydney Commercial Cleaning Works

  • We’ll start with an on-site inspection of your commercial space to better understand the size, layout, and requirements of the building. 

  • We’ll then put together a quote outlining the costs involved and a recommended cleaning schedule. For most local businesses, we recommend at least weekly cleans. But for businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic, we may suggest daily cleans. 

  • Our cleaners will come by your North Sydney office at an agreed-upon time. We can come at all hours to make sure that we’re not disrupting day to day operations!

  • During each cleaning service, our team will clean the entire space of dirt, rubbish, and grime, and disinfect the entire space using industry-approved, high quality cleaning equipment and products. 

  • We can also provide deep cleans for commercial spaces in addition to your regular cleaning schedule. It’s recommended that at least once a year you have a deep clean to keep your facility in tip top shape!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Costs will vary depending on the nature of the commercial space and what is required on our end. Don’t worry – we won’t beat around the bush; if you give our friendly team a call, we’ll get right onto providing a quote so you’re not left wondering. The sorts of things that will impact the costs involved include:

  • Size of the floor of the building
  • Type of cleaning required – ongoing or deep cleaning
  • Nature of the business/operations
  • When you need cleaning services
  • Any areas that require special attention

Do you provide once-off cleans or just ongoing services?

We can provide both. Depending on the nature of your business, we generally recommend that most commercial spaces are cleaned at least once a week, or daily for high-traffic spaces and offices. As mentioned earlier, commercial cleaning does more than remove rubbish and vacuuming the floors; it will allow for a safe, healthy, and productive working environment.

What’s included in a general clean?

  • Floor cleaning – vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping where needed
  • Dust removal – dusting and then wiping down all surfaces
  • Upkeep of kitchen, bathroom, and pantry facilities
  • Supplying tissues, toilet paper, and other consumables
  • Disinfecting the space to prevent and kill germs

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We service commercial buildings like offices, high rise and low rise buildings, apartment blocks, strata buildings, car showrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces. We also service educational, community, and leisure facilities like schools, churches, retirement homes and gyms/fitness centres. Our specialised services including industrial cleaning, construction cleaning, graffiti removal, and pressure cleaning.