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Commercial cleaning services that ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Office Cleaning Services

Showpiece Commercial are a commercial cleaning company trusted by Campbelltown businesses big and small. We help local organisations to keep their offices, retail spaces, clinics, childcare spaces and warehouses sparkling clean – so they can continue running their business.

Commercial spaces see a lot of activity on a day-to-day basis, and having your office and working space occasionally mopped or swept won’t be enough to ensure a consistently clean environment. A professional commercial cleaning service solves this problem by having a dedicated team of cleaners handle the cleanliness requirements of your workspace.

The results of commercial cleaning speak for themselves — higher productivity, a lower risk of illnesses for staff, and a more professional image for the business. At Showpiece Commercial, our services don’t just meet basic standards of cleanliness; we go beyond what is necessary to leave a great impression on your staff and clients.

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Types of Commercial Spaces in Campbelltown We Can Clean

  • Warehouses

  • Religious buildings (churches)

  • Banks

  • Car showrooms

  • Offices

  • Factories

  • Schools

  • Retail stores

  • Child care centres

Every commercial space has its own unique cleaning requirements, which is why we develop a cleaning schedule for each of our clients, to tailor their unique set of needs. Our cleaning services can also include deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning services — contact us today to get a free quote for your commercial space.

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How often should offices be cleaned?

Business sites (offices and workspaces) should be cleaned weekly, if not daily or every second day. Workplaces where there is more foot traffic, industrial work, or client-facing requirements, may require more regular cleaning than smaller offices or clinics. For deeper cleans, businesses should undergo a deep commercial clean at least once a year

  • Offices: Daily cleaning at a minimum for high-traffic areas such as reception areas. Common areas like conference rooms or cubicles will require bi-weekly or weekly cleaning.

  • Retail: Daily cleaning will be necessary to maintain a fresh environment for customers.
  • Schools or childcare centres: Cleaning must be carried out on a daily basis to meet the hygiene and safety standards of students and children.

  • Restaurants: Food preparation and dining areas will require daily cleaning. 

  • Warehouses: Cleaning frequency will vary depending on activity level; consider monthly or quarterly cleaning as a starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you clean my office?

When do you need it cleaned? Our Campbelltown office cleaning services are designed to work around your busy business schedule and can carry out cleaning on all days of the week at all times, including weekends, public holidays, and after-hours.

Do you require a long-term contract

We offer flexible arrangement options to suit different business needs. Whether you’re after a one-off cleaning for your office or a long-term contract we can accommodate by providing a competitive quote.

Are your commercial cleaning services covered by insurance?

Yes — all of our cleaning teams and services are fully insured for your peace of mind. Our cleaners undergo thorough training and are experienced in cleaning around specialised equipment without incurring any damage. In the unlikely event that any damage is sustained, our insurance will cover the replacement or repair costs.

What’s included during a cleaning session?

Our commercial cleaning teams will work quickly to cover the common areas of your office or workspace that need regular cleaning, as well as any other areas that require special attention based on what you’ve shared with us.

  • Dusting, wiping down, and disinfecting surfaces
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, and common spaces
  • Restocking and providing kitchen and bathroom supplies