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Showpiece Commercial offers comprehensive commercial cleaning services for businesses and office spaces in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning for Surry Hills Offices

Maintaining a clean office environment can be a challenge — daily tasks and regular operations can quickly lead to dust, clutter, and potential hygiene concerns.

Showpiece Commercial offers a cost-effective cleaning solution for commercial spaces in Surry Hills that delivers on both quality services, and competitive prices. Our experienced team boasts over 22 years in the industry, providing a meticulous cleaning approach tailored to various office environments. From car showrooms to office buildings, we ensure a clean and sanitised work environment that can boost productivity and contribute to a professional business image.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss how Showpiece’s services can benefit your Surry Hills office. Whether you’re one of the many marketing agencies, creative offices, or start ups in Surry Hills, we’re here to take keeping a clean workspace off your plate.

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Cleaning Offices, Schools, Churches & More

Our commercial cleaning expertise spans a wide range of spaces and business types. Our teams are familiar with the special requirements that each type of commercial space requires, from high standards of hygiene to cleaning around specialised industrial equipment.

Here are the types of spaces we offer our commercial cleaning services to:

  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Strata Properties
  • Churches

  • Car Showrooms

  • Child Care Centres
  • Manufacturing Companies

  • And more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do one off cleans?

Yes, we do. Showpiece Commercial offers both recurring cleaning schedules and one-off cleaning services. Our one off cleaning services are suitable for heavy-duty cleaning needs that extend to window cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, and pressure washing.

If your business needs extra attention to spruce up its appearance before an important meeting or audit, our teams are up to the task.

How often do I need my office cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning for any office will be up to the size and complexity of the space, so it’s hard to provide an exact recommendation for your office without first taking a look at it.

As a general guide, most office environments will need to be professionally cleaned at least once a week, although workspaces that are prone to high foot traffic will need more frequent cleaning. Our cleaning consultants can work with you to establish a cleaning schedule that fits your commercial space’s needs as well as your budget.

Will we get the same cleaners every time?

We will try to assign the same team of cleaners to your office space. As they become more familiar with the layout of your business as well as the areas that require more focus, they will be able to clean more efficiently and effectively.

Of course, this will depend on your preferences as well. We can change the personnel in your assigned cleaning team to better meet your cleaning needs.

Will the windows get cleaned?

Window cleaning is included in general cleaning sessions, but generally, only the interior-facing portion of the windows will be wiped to remove stains and smudges. This is because window cleaning for the exterior facing part of the windows requires specialised equipment to hoist cleaner up to them, especially when cleaning high-rise buildings. We do offer commercial window cleaning services that will cover all parts of your office’s windows.