In the bustling urban landscape, multi-level strata buildings are increasingly popular homes, accommodating the diverse needs of residents and businesses alike.

However, with great size comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness. For strata buildings, ensuring hygienic and tidy environments across large spaces can be both labour-intensive and costly.

With a cost of living crisis upon us, all strata communities should re-evaluate the cost and efficacy of their cleaning program, since new methodologies and innovative equipment can reduce prices significantly.

Showpiece Commercial Cleaning is a leader in this space, offering substantial savings of up to 10-20% on annual cleaning bills for high rise apartment buildings.

Large stratas present a unique challenge in the realm of cleaning. With multiple floors, various common areas and facilities to upkeep, the scale of these structures demands a comprehensive and efficient approach to maintenance.


Traditionally, cleaning such spaces has been labour-intensive, however this conventional approach is not only time-consuming but also costly, driving up operational fees for strata apartment owners.

That’s why Showpiece Commercial Cleaning uses innovative new technology and well designed methodologies to revolutionise the way we clean and maintain large strata buildings.

By harnessing the power of technology provided by Showpiece Commercial Cleaning, can significantly reduce the need for manual labour, thereby cutting down on labour costs while ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning results.

Another key advantage of leveraging innovative cleaning technology is its ability to enhance transparency and accountability in the cleaning process. With monitoring and reporting features, strata owners and management committees can gain valuable insights into cleaning activities, ensuring compliance with industry standards and contractual obligations.

This level of transparency not only fosters trust and confidence among stakeholders but also facilitates effective communication and collaboration between cleaning contractors and strata management teams.

In conclusion, the adoption of innovative new technology represents a game-changer for large multi-level strata buildings seeking to optimise their cleaning operations and save on costs. By harnessing the power of new technology teamed with modern cleaning methods, strata communities can achieve significant reductions in their annual cleaning bills while maintaining impeccable standards of cleanliness.

Showpiece Commercial Cleaning would be happy to give you a quote on your large strata building. Contact us now for a professional cleaning proposal.


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