If, like many busy Australians, you’ve been thinking about enlisting the help of a cleaning service to keep your home, office, or commercial space clean, then you’ve probably been caught between whether you need a commercial cleaning or domestic cleaning service. So, if you’re caught between the two, what exactly is the difference, and which one should you be opting for?

In this article we outline the differences between commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning in an effort to guide you towards the right choice for your home, business, cafe, restaurant, or any other type of property that you may need cleaned.


What Is Domestic Cleaning?

Domestic cleaning, otherwise known as residential cleaning, focuses on the tasks that are associated with keeping a home space clean. Whether you’ve got a small apartment or a sprawling 5-bedroom abode in the suburbs of Sydney, the process remains transferable. Domestic cleaning focuses on tasks like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, and keeping general living areas clean and tidy. The underlying objective with domestic cleaning is to keep a space clean and comfortable for residents.


What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is an all-encompassing definition that encompasses offices, business establishments, or industrial spaces. The tasks that are associated with commercial cleaning services involve keeping floors clean, windows clean, bathrooms tidy, bins emptied, carpet cleaned, and whatever else your commercial space needs to keep it clean and hygienic for yourself and your staff. Depending on the nature of your business, this may also mean cleaning specialist machinery, high windows, or even deep cleaning food preparation spaces in cafes or restaurants.

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning


Many commercial businesses choose to take on the job of cleaning themselves. However, when it comes to growing and scaling your business many companies understand that outsourcing their cleaning to a specialist commercial cleaning company can dramatically cut down on wasted staff hours and the dreaded cleaning roster.

Some of the business types that commercial cleaners service include:

  • Schools
  • Strata buildings
  • Churches
  • Cafes/Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Childcare centres
  • Health Clubs
  • Gyms
  • Retail spaces
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Sporting clubs

In fact, almost anywhere that has a commercial operation where staff or customers are present is a candidate for commercial cleaning services.


Difference in Products for Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

When it comes to commercial and domestic cleaning services, the differences don’t just stop at the types of spaces and buildings which are being cleaned. When done correctly, there is a vast difference in the types of products that are used for commercial and domestic cleaning services.

Domestic cleaning products

Products that are used in domestic cleaning services are generally household cleaning products which can be found in supermarkets and other consumer outlets. A stroll down the aisle of your local Coles or Woolworths will uncover many of the same products that domestic cleaners use in their day-to-day work. This equipment is designed for less frequent use and, in many cases, the composition of ingredients that are used in these cleaning products is designed to be less harsh than commercial-grade products.

Commercial cleaning products

Given that commercial cleaning products are used in environments such as warehouses, they tend to feature ingredients that mean they can stand up to the challenges that are faced in a commercial or heavy-traffic environment. Commercial cleaning products include degreasers, high grade disinfectants, specialised carpet chemicals, and powerful bathroom cleaning products that are specifically designed for a commercial environment.

Commercial cleaning hardware

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, many assume that the differences stop at the types of products that are used clean various surfaces. However, this is where the differences begin. Commercial cleaners will generally use specialist equipment that is designed for large spaces that domestic cleaning tools simply can’t cover. While a domestic cleaner may look to their trusted Dyson to tackle a house or apartment clean, for a commercial cleaning project the tools used must be tougher and designed to handle large spaces.

As an example, commercial cleaners used industrial grade carpet cleaners, steamers, and hardware that is designed to tackle large spaces. So, for those that are still weighing up the benefits of commercial cleaning services, it’s important to remember that when you hire a commercial cleaner, you’re not simply getting an extra pair of hands for the job. Instead, what you’re actually getting is access to a range of tools, products, and a team of experts.

Commercial vs Domestic Cleaning – Which Is Right for Me?

So, now that we’ve gone through the essential differences between commercial and domestic cleaning services, which one is right for you? While both commercial and domestic cleaning aim to create a clean and organised space, there are a series of nuances that set them apart. The distinction is pretty simple, if you are a business that has customers or staff frequent your premises, then you should be considering commercial cleaning services for your office, cafe, restaurant, or industrial facility. Conversely, if you’re looking for someone to keep your apartment, home, or even holiday rental clean – then a domestic cleaner is the right choice.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney, Showpiece Commercial Cleaning offers a range of commercial services for strata buildings, schools, universities, offices, retail spaces, and warehouses. Whether you’re in the North Shore or Western Sydney, find out how we can help you keep your space clean, tidy & hygienic. Get in touch today through our contact page for a free consultation with our friendly team!



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