The school hall is a busy and important area in any primary or high school. It’s on show at official events such as graduation ceremonies and school performances, it’s often where assemblies are held, and it can host a variety of community events, as well as prospective parents.

So with all those visitors, it’s important to keep the hall and it’s floors, looking clean and well-maintained.

That’s where a simple but effective floor maintenance program comes into play.

At Showpiece Commercial Cleaning, we specialise in keeping wooden floor boards in halls looking great with our deep cleaning and sealing services. And the results speak for themselves.

We ask that you prepare the space by removing all furniture. Our first step is to scrape off anything stuck to the floor. We often find chewing gum, tape markers, stickers, and sometimes even flecks and splashed of paint.

Then we vacuum to remove surface dust and grime, before mopping the entire area with a neutral detergent.

Finally, we can apply the sealer. One of our cost effective favourites in Gemini by Peerless Jal.

After several coats, the sealer is allowed to set, before furniture is moved back into place.

This process can be repeated on an annual or bi-annual basis, so that the hall floor is always looking its best.

Over time, additional services, such as strip and sealing, or sanding back may also be required.

As Sydney’s trusted commercial cleaning experts, we’ve witnessed firsthand how Peerless Jal Gemini has exceeded expectations, leaving our clients impressed with the impeccable results. Contact us today to find out more.


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