How clean is your facility?

We love to visit new clients and get to know their requirements.

And one of the most common things we hear when we talk to prospective clients is their current cleaner is missing in action.

When we ask when their current cleaner comes to complete their service, they often say “we don’t know, we haven’t seen them in a while”.

Sometimes they ask on the phone “you will give us a quote won’t you, a couple of people did a site visit, but we never heard back from them!”

One prospective client recently told us “we don’t know what happened to the cleaner, they just stopped showing up a while ago.”

Your commercial cleaner is important!

We know that commercial cleaners are an integral part of any workplace. When commercial cleaners don’t show up for their shifts, it can have a significant impact on the workplace.

Clean Office - by Showpiece Commercial Cleaning

Keep you office clean!

One of the most obvious effects of a missing commercial cleaner is an untidy and unclean workplace. Without regular cleaning, offices and facilities can quickly become cluttered and unsanitary, leading to a decrease in overall productivity and morale.

In addition to the aesthetic impact of a missing commercial cleaner, there can also be logistical issues to deal with. If a cleaner doesn’t show up, someone else may need to step in to do their job, taking them away from their own work and responsibilities. 

A missing commercial cleaner can also create a safety hazard in the workplace. If floors are not regularly mopped or trash is not properly disposed of, it can create tripping and falling hazards. Similarly, if surfaces are not properly disinfected, it can lead to the spread of illness and germs.

We’re different!

Let’s be clear… that won’t be your experience with Showpiece Commercial Cleaning. We pride ourselves on being reliable, delivering quality services, along with providing oversight and good communication.

With a team of professional cleaners across Great Sydney, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands, we will keep your facility clean and well-maintained, creating a healthy and professional environment for employees and clients.




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