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Window Cleaning – a true art

If you have ever cleaned your windows at home you will know that there is an art behind this task that you need to know before they sparkle. The first time I cleaned windows I thought it would be a simple task, however after the job was done, I could see watermarks, streaks and smears. Even after the second time I tried to clean my windows, they were still far from spotless.

What had I done wrong?

First, I made the mistake of cleaning my windows in direct sunshine and second, I failed to keep my squeegee dry after every wipe. I could have cleaned my windows three or four times using the same method, with the results far from what a result-focussed and experienced commercial cleaning company in Sydney, such as Show Piece Services would accept. With my less-than-perfect cleaning method, I am never going to achieve the same kind of superior clean they are known for.

The Right Kind of Clean

The key points to cleaning your windows accurately according to consumer reports (2010), is to clean each window on a cloudy day or when the windows are in shade. This is because direct sun can cause the liquid (usually dishwashing liquid and cold water) to evaporate before you’ve had a chance to wipe it off.

Consumer reports continue by suggesting you apply your liquid solution with a slightly dampened sponge. Wipe each window from top to bottom with a dampened squeegee blade. It’s important to wipe the squeegee blade dry after every wipe.

So before you set out to clean your windows, use these simple tips, otherwise you may end up making the same mistakes I did.


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