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Why it’s a Must to Employ School Cleaning Services


Summer is here in Sydney and all of Australia, but schools still need to keep their premises germ-free. A school’s cleaning program is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked, even during the holidays.

Finding a commercial cleaning company who can provide an efficient cleaning staff to take care of all things dirty and unhygienic at your educational institution should be on top of your list. In this post, find out why high quality cleaners are needed to ensure your school’s premises are clean and safe for children.

1.       They are perfectionists when it comes to hygienic practices

Professionals understand the need for schools to be kept clean all the time. They know that children can’t afford to be sick and miss out on classes. As such, they are detail-oriented, which means every nook and cranny in the premises, from the playground area to the gymnasium, are kept free from dust and thoroughly sanitised.

2.       They have WWCC clearance

To safeguard kids and ensure a child-friendly environment, it is compulsory for all workers in child-related jobs to get a WWCC (Working with Children Check) clearance. Companies that offer superior and reliable school cleaning services ensure their cleaners have one. In hiring these companies you can be assured that the cleaning staff sent to your school are cleared to work with children.

3.       They use eco-friendly products

In the past, it’s common for people to use chemically reactive products for the maintenance of residential and commercial properties. However, these toxic chemicals have serious effects on our health and can cause various conditions, including respiratory issues. Professional cleaners employ green cleaning techniques, eliminating products with hazard concerns and using environmentally-safe products instead.

4.       They offer a wide range of services

Expert cleaners know that to keep the environment child-friendly, they must guarantee a superior level of cleanliness. Aside from the usual dusting, mopping and wiping, they offer the following:

✔ Vacuuming of carpets & rugs
✔ Carpet steaming
✔ Disinfecting floors in all areas, including washroom amenities
✔ Washing walls
✔ Removal of graffiti
✔ Window cleaning
✔ Rubbish removal
✔ Waste management

By getting exceptional services offered by professional cleaners, you can be assured that your school gets all those listed above. Expert cleaners also guarantee high quality results that leave your schools completely germ-free and safe for children.

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