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Tips & Tricks for Cleaning the Oven Without Nasty Chemicals

I believe the best tip for cleaning the oven is to hire a cleaning professional. Yep, that comment was tongue in cheek, yet seriously, is there anything in the kitchen to cause more procrastination than this job? So I set out to find the best, easiest and most efficient way to do the job well. I also set out to find solutions to cleaning the oven without the use of unpleasant chemicals—tips that house cleaners and even industrial cleaning and office cleaning professionals can find handy.

I located two Australian websites that not only demonstrated effective ways to clean the oven, but to clean without chemicals. Lifestyle Home (2014) displays a simple-to-read procedure using bicarbonate soda, vinegar and interestingly pantyhose. The author also notes the following steps:

  • Spread a layer of bicarbonate over the door (and other reachable surfaces) and squirt with white vinegar until it fizzes.
  • Then scour with pantyhose until the grime shifts. You may have to do this several times if the grime is very built up.
  • Clean the sides of the oven using the two-sponge technique. Use one damp sponge dipped in bicarbonate and another sponge dipped in vinegar. Apply the bicarbonate sponge first, then place the vinegar sponge over the top of the bicarbonate sponge and press the vinegar through both sponges.
  • Once cleaned, rinse with water.

Similarly, Best Recipes (2014) also refers to using bicarb soda and vinegar, however suggests repeating the procedure twice and then leaving the bicarbonate/vinegar mixture sitting in the oven overnight.

So now you know how to clean your oven without nasty chemicals. Better still, call your favorite and trusted specialists on house and commercial cleaning in Sydney.