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Tips to Keep the Glass in Your Office Building Clean & Clear

Office buildings and commercial spaces throughout Sydney are designed differently to accommodate different operational needs. But if there’s one common feature among these buildings, it’s glass.

Glass is often used on the windows, room dividers, tables and doors of commercial spaces because it offers several benefits. It keeps commercial spaces looking clean, sharp and ultra-modern. It also helps make offices look more spacious, and offers full visibility.

But glass also has its downsides. One of which is that it can get dirty very easily. Even the tiniest spot on a large pane of glass is highly noticeable due to its crystal clear appearance. This is why it’s important to get commercial cleaning services.

Regular cleaning is the primary measure that can keep the glass in your office building clean, clear and looking like new for longer. There are a few things you need to take note of when it comes to this:

  • Do not use hard water. Whether you have in-house cleaners or hire an office cleaning company, you need to stress to them the importance of not using hard water for cleaning glass surfaces. Hard water leaves residue that is not only unsightly, but over time, can also ‘etch’ the surface of the glass and leave permanent marks that make the glass look cloudy. As much as possible, have them use soft water.
  • Clean from top to bottom. This should already be a given. In order to avoid streaks, cleaning of glass should be done from top to bottom.
  • Have windows washed on a cloudy day. Heat from the sun can easily dry window wash, resulting in streaks and residue. To avoid this, have your windows cleaned when it’s cloudy or not too hot outside.
  • Use a squeegee. A lot of people swear by using old newspaper or paper towels when cleaning glass, but these can leave lint and won’t hold for very long when wet. Using them can also take up a lot of time. A microfibre cloth is good for cleaning glass, but the squeegee is by far the best option as it not only leaves glass clean and free from streaks or lint, it also gets the job done the fastest. And with the amount of glass that’s in your office, you’ll definitely need the job done fast.


Apart from regular cleaning, it also helps to apply a few other simple steps to maintain the pristine look of glass in your office building:

  • Bump-proof your glass. Smudges and scratches can often be caused by things or people bumping into the glass. Minimise the occurrence of bumps, smudges and scratches by placing decorative window tinting, etching or frosting on clear glass. You could also opt for protective tape, decorative glass stickers or simply a sticker that tells people to watch out for the glass.
  •  Install handles on glass doors. By installing handles, you keep dirty hands from leaving smudges on glass doors. You could also opt for automatic door openers.
  •  Immediately wipe off liquids and other substances that stick to the surface. In the office, glass is often used by employees for things such as sticking post-it notes and writing plans and notes using a whiteboard marker. Glass tables can be prone to spills, coffee mug rings and the like. Though initially harmless, once the chemicals on those adhesives, inks and other liquids are left there too long, they can start to leave marks on the glass that will be hard to remove. It’s important to wipe off these substances before they leave a persistent mark on the glass.

When you need help keeping the glass in your Sydney office looking sparkling clean, contact Showpiece Services. We’re experts in all types of cleaning, offering thorough commercial and industrial cleaning services that utilise the best methods and materials. Get in touch with us now to know more about what we can do for you.