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The Office Work Area: How to Keep It Clean and Organised

Do you find it difficult to maintain the cleanliness of your office work area in Sydney or anywhere in NSW?

You’ve ordered your staff to make their desks sanitary and presentable. You’ve even explained to them how important office cleaning is to maintain a good amount of productivity and to show a good image to potential clients who may be visiting. But after a few weeks you still find the place unsatisfactorily untidy.

It may be time to implement some rules.

1.    Clean right after you eat.


If you want employees to have the option to munch on some snacks while working, strictly implement a “clean right after you eat” rule. Eating even just finger food will leave crumbs on the desk. Plus, it will invite pests into your office space that will cause more sanitation problems. To keep the office area clean, employees should tidy up their desks right after they eat.

If you want to completely eliminate this problem though, you can implement a rule restricting the employees to eat at their desks, and encourage them to only have their snacks and meals in the pantry or designated areas.

2.    Have personal trash cans.

Trash bins for the office should be strategically placed where employees don’t have to get up to throw something. If the office area is so big that this is impossible, then ask employees to have a small personal trash can to keep at their stations. This way, trash will be kept in one place and not scattered all over the desk or floor. At the end of the day, this bin should then be emptied into the bigger office trash can.

3.    Eliminate or minimise paperwork.

Memos, reports and proposals. As much as possible minimise or even eliminate the need to print or write these down on paper. With everything being digital, you can easily email and share these online or in your office network. Having less, or no paper at all will make office desks more organised.

4.    Rid desks of clutter.

Some say that a coffee mug and a photo frame constitutes the maximum amount of personalisation that should be allowed on employees’ desks. There are some companies though that are a bit more flexible, and allow employees to place more personal items like a stack of magazines or clips of inspirational articles and photos. The latter may be useful for employees who thrive on creative spaces.

Whichever type you may fall under, it’s still best to maintain a clutter-free space. If desks are full of clutter from months ago, or worse from last year, this is no longer acceptable. Schedule a date where employees are tasked to rid their desks of this clutter.

5.    Clean up before clocking out.

Before logging out and turning their computers off, employees should clean their desks and cubicles. This is one of the most important rules you should implement in the office work area. At the start of each work day, employees are oftentimes in a rush to start a project or submit an overdue proposal. Cleaning up would then be pushed to the back of their minds as various tasks hound them throughout the day. The time before clocking out is the best time to clean up the day’s mess.

While it may be good to give employees a bit of freedom when it comes to their personal desks and cubicles, it’s still important to let them realise their responsibility of keeping these areas clean and organised.

If a few reminders won’t do, implementing these five simple rules is a good way to start.

After employees follow these five rules, hiring professionals to do commercial cleaning would then be a great next step to tidy up common office areas. This will give you an office all of the workers would want to be in and a space you can be proud to show off to your clients.

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