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Outsourcing of Industrial Cleaning

My career in manufacturing, operations and the supply chain has spanned almost 20 years, and in that time I’ve seen various trends rise and fall. In the 1990s, outsourcing became very popular as companies made strategic decisions to focus on their core competencies and engage contractors to manage other business requirements.

However, recently I have seen many SMEs and large multinationals beginning to adopt a ‘vertically integrated’ operational strategy, and bringing these outsourced functions back in-house. Why would that be? I believe it is due mainly to the failures around quality control, the need to control costs and the frustration of not having tasks completed within reasonable timeframes.

One function that remains consistently outsourced however has been industrial cleaning. Again in the 1990s, many companies employed hygiene teams who worked at night, to prepare a sanitary environment for the following day. The employment of professional commercial cleaners became a must, as businesses moved towards international hygiene standards to meet government and customer expectations. These companies realised that the precise attention to detail, safety requirements and specific skill sets required are difficult to achieve within their own organisations. The training and machinery required to complete industrial cleaning tasks by in-house employees especially in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries became very extensive and costly. Meanwhile, employing cleaning professionals can be very inexpensive and value adding.

Such cleaning professionals include Show Piece Services, who are experts offering high-quality industrial and office cleaning services. With our very strong and dedicated team, we lead the Sydney market when it comes to customer satisfaction and attention to detail.