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Office Dust – Cleanliness is Essential

Spring weekends in Sydney are one of the most enjoyable times of the year: cool nights and warm days, pleasant sunshine before the blistering sun of summer. However, spring plays havoc with my nose and eyes, particularly due to the flowers and pollen that is prevalent during that time of year.

So sometimes it’s great to go back to the office on a Monday, away from that pollen. Yet what if my office is dusty? Yes, pollen is annoying, however I truly believe office dust can be 10 times more damaging than the spring air. Which is why you should choose office cleaning services that can go the whole nine yards to keep your office dust-free and hygienic.

The article “the effect of cleaning on dust and the health of office workers: an intervention study” demonstrates that an office that is cleaned carefully and kept dust free can reduce the incidences of nasal congestion and nasal irritation.

In fact Skulberg et al (2004) describes a study that was completed whereby an office was given a comprehensive clean as opposed to another office that was given a modest clean. The results showed that the group of people (in the office) with the comprehensive clean reported a reduction in mucosal irritation complaints compared with no change with the group that had a modest clean.

Skulberg et al concluded by stating that comprehensive cleaning reduces the airborne dust in offices, and can reduce mucosal symptoms and nasal congestion significantly.

So enjoy those warm spring weekends, and keep away from the pollen, however also ensure that your office receives comprehensive cleaning and dusting by a cleaning professional. Because that nasal congestion and irritation can effect you health, but also your performance at work.

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