Frequently Asked Questions

A: At Showpiece Services we can provide both. It is completely up to the client & the specific works that has been outlined. Hourly rates are usually given to clients that are requiring an extra service or a ‘one off service’ that is not usually included in the regular outlined tasks for example: window cleaning or a ‘spring clean’. Fixed per clean amounts are usually agreed upon between you, the client & Showpiece Services, which involves a detailed schedule of the duties that are to be performed on a regular basis.

A: At the end of each month, we will create an invoice for all of the services performed at your premises for that month. The invoices are then emailed or posted to the nominated person. Payment is then required within 7 days. Payment can be made via a direct bank transfer or cheque.

A: Of course! Showpiece Services can be your Facility Managers as well. From facilitating services such as your sanitary waste, rubbish removal, lawn / gardening services etc. to liaising with clients who require pest control, building repairs, and electrical / plumbing requirements. We also can provide your premises with bathroom, kitchen & general office supplies such as, garbage bags, toilet tissue, facial tissues, hand roll towel, tea, coffee, sugar etc. If there is a specific supply your premises requires or a task that does not fall under the ‘cleaning’ category – please do not hesitate to ask Showpiece Services, you will be surprised at how much we can help!

A: We use environmental products as much as possible. With the day to day cleaning requirements we can service this with environmentally friendly products. As well as supplying recyclable bathroom products as well.

A: Showpiece Services cleaning staff are all employees. We have found over the years that we as a company can provide a more reliable service & create trustworthy relationships between clients & cleaning staff. Majority of the cleaning staff have been employed with Showpiece Services for more than 5 years.

A: Showpiece Services takes this very seriously. Having people on your premises after hours can be a concern. This is why we have put many guidelines & procedures in place, such as all staff are in uniform & have ID tags. The same Showpiece member will be at your premises each time so you will know who they are. Each staff member signs off on key/remote forms & they are held responsible for this. Showpiece staff are scheduled by management on what time & day they need to be on any site. We do not leave it up to the staff member to go there whenever they want. We run a tight schedule & we know at all times where each Showpiece staff member should be.
If there are any issues at any time while Showpiece staff are on site, Management will be in touch with security or owners to inform them asap. We do not leave things until the next day. We will handle it at the time.