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Buying Australian Made Cleaning Products—What’s The Fuss?

In the past, when you purchase household or commercial cleaning products, did you ever wonder if the products are made by Australian manufacturers?

Many people I have recently spoken with admitted that they have considered it, yet concede that price remains to be the greatest motivator in their purchasing habits. That is, if a product is cheaper than a competitor on the shelf, they will select the cheaper one. The same goes with acquiring services. Take for instance when business owners look for commercial or office cleaning services in Sydney or in other major Australian cities, they will most likely prefer those who charge lower fees. Of course, there are many of us who purchase based on quality rather than just price, because we know that ‘you get what you pay for’. Nonetheless, some people have also mentioned that they are keen to know the ethics and regulations of the country that the products are produced in, specifically how workers are treated in those foreign factories.

The question I really want to raise is, would you buy a product just based on the fact that it was produced on our shores, irrespective of price? Australians have benefited from a high standard of living for many decades, and one of the main indicators of a high standard of living is the minimum wage. Australia has one of the highest minimum wages on the globe, however there is a consequence to this. That is, it costs more to manufacture products in Australia than in many other countries, and the consumer, house, office or school cleaning products that are produced in Australia are more expensive on the shelves of supermarkets and wholesalers.

Dick Smith, a major advocate of buying Australian although he manufactures food and not cleaning products, implies that the benefits of buying Australian is due to our regulation regarding safe and ethical controlled factories and strict labeling laws.

So what’s your belief?