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A 5-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaners for Your Workplace

The cleanliness of a workplace means a lot not just to employees, but also to a company’s reputation. Wherever in Australia you may be, whether in Sydney or Melbourne this is the case. This is why many businesses engage the services of expert and reliable office cleaners to keep their work spaces as neat, clean and comfortable for workers and clients as possible.


Are you looking for a dependable commercial cleaning service provider for your workplace? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to choosing the right commercial cleaning company, for a cleaner, safer and more productive working environment.

1.    Do research and ask for referrals

There’s a wide range of cleaning companies searchable in online directories or classified ads sections. The challenging part is choosing which can give you the quality services you need. The best you can do is to read testimonials from customers. From this you will have a good idea of the company’s reputation. Look into their offers, and check if they can give you the services you really need. You can also ask for referrals and suggestions from colleagues about trusted and reputable commercial or industrial cleaners in your area.

2.    Ask for proof of insurance and license

Once you have listed down prospects, you can start scrutinising each company in your line-up. You may call or visit their offices so you can present your concerns and inquiries well. Make sure to ask for proof of insurance and license. Insurance will keep you from being liable for incidents that may occur during their service. For instance, when a worker encounters an accident while on duty, the company is held responsible for the employee’s hospitalisation and will have to pay you for any damage to your facility. Ask for a written manual of their insurance policy, and read it well.

Ensure that the company is licensed to operate in commercial spaces. Then check if they’ve earned accreditation from regulating bodies. They should have risk management, quality assurance and occupational health and safety certifications.

3.    Know their scope of service

Some cleaning establishments offer only a few extra inclusions, and focus mainly on sprucing up your spaces. There are those that offer a wider scope of service, saving you from extra expenditures and from the hassle of having to hire other office or building maintenance service providers.  Here at Show Piece Services, we offer a vast range of facility care and maintenance solutions, on top of our quality comprehensive cleaning packages. Our range of offers include but are not limited to: supply of office, kitchen and bathroom supplies and consumables; garden maintenance; light globe replacements; waste management; sanitation, and more. These make us your one-stop shop for your office or building maintenance needs.

4.    Ask if their workers are trained and certified

Cleaners should undergo proper training and be certified to handle commercial cleaning tasks well. This ensures that workers are competent enough to deliver safe and quality comprehensive cleaning solutions to schools, offices, and commercial and industrial spaces.

5.    Ask for quotes

Ask for quotes and compare prices. Remember, cheap is not synonymous to quality or credibility. Quality should be your top priority. Here at Show Piece Services, we provide school, industrial, strata and commercial cleaning, as well as facility maintenance solutions. Our first-rate, reasonably-priced cleaning services are truly worth your investment and trust. Talk to our team today and get quotes on your chosen services.