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6 Office Areas that Need Constant Cleaning

An office is like an employee’s second home. It is where he spends most of his 24 hours in.

As a business owner or manager, wouldn’t you want your office to be the place where employees and clients actually want to spend their time? There are plenty of ways to go about this, but perhaps the most basic is ensuring regular office upkeep.

There are six key areas that every business needs to focus on. Wherever your workplace may be there are spaces where regular cleaning is of utmost importance. Take note of these six areas:

1. Desks

This is one of the dirtiest areas of an office as this is where an employee spends the majority of his time on. This is where reports are made, where files from different departments are placed, and it’s even where lunch is taken. Aside from asking employees to personally look into the cleanliness of each of their desks, you should also arrange your chosen office cleaning companies to do this.

2. Break Room

The company kitchen or break room is where food is stored and where majority of the employees go to eat or drink coffee. It can become a breeding ground for germs if it’s not regularly cleaned. If this area is also not properly maintained, it could be a cause of health issues in the workplace. And as we all know, sick days or absences because of illness can directly impact employee productivity.

3. Bathroom

We all know that this is one of the most frequented areas in the office. In most buildings, each employee would visit this space at least twice a day. As the bathroom is infested with illness-causing bacteria, it is very important to have it sanitised multiple times a day. Aside from the toilet, high-touch areas including the doorknob, flush button or knob, soap dispenser, and faucet handle should be cleaned.

4. Elevator

Every employee in the building would access the elevator as they go from one floor to another. As each employee may have been in contact with different types of bacteria, this makes the elevator a highly unsanitary space. For employees and guests to feel secure in using the elevator, make sure your trusted commercial cleaning companies keep it spotless.

5. Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are where employees go to brainstorm on the next project or plan for the company’s next big endeavour. For this reason, it is important to keep these spaces as clean and as organised as possible to allow creative ideas to flow out of people’s minds.

6. Reception Area

The reception area serves as your company’s business card. It’s the first place everyone sees; thus, it should be welcoming and impeccably clean. For employees, it can set the tone of their entire working day. For potential clients and guests, it can mould their perception about your company.

Like the home, the office should also be the place where occupants feel at ease and safe in, and where guests feel welcome. As they say, a clean and organised workplace makes for happy and productive employees. To achieve this, make sure to regularly maintain the cleanliness of the entire office area, especially these six key areas.