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The 3 Most Important Cleanliness Rules to Implement in Your Office

As you spend a good portion of your waking hours in the office, it’s only natural to want your workspaces to be as clean and tidy as possible. A dirty and cluttered office isn’t only counterproductive, but also unhealthy for employees.

But even if you engage the services of the best office cleaning professionals, employee etiquette remains a big factor that affects the overall cleanliness of your workplace. Keeping a healthy, productive and professional workplace is a team effort, and with the help of expert commercial cleaners, there’s no doubt you can achieve and maintain a clean environment conducive for work. As a business owner, you have the right to set cleanliness rules to achieve this goal. Below are three of the most important ones you can implement.

Wash your hands properly

Washing your hands properly is one of the best, most basic preventative measures against the spread of bacteria and illnesses. As our hands touch keyboards, doorknobs, desks, and other surfaces, they can easily accumulate bacteria and must therefore be washed regularly. To ensure optimum cleanliness, a step-by-step technique should be followed for hand washing. Place signage in common areas that can guide employees on how to wash their hands properly.  Merely lathering with a little soap and rinsing it with water for a few seconds won’t be effective in removing accumulated bacteria. Washing your hands properly should be done especially after using the restroom, before and after eating, and after handling dirty or messy things.

Eat only at designated places

It is best to eat only in the kitchen or common area. Food and liquid spills might cause damage to electronic equipment in your office and leave unpleasant stains and odours. Food particles and leftovers may also lure pests inside. If food is brought in the workstation, employees should clean up immediately and make sure no stains and scraps of food are left.

Clean as you go

Employees should always clean up after using common areas and shared workspaces. Food and liquid meeting room in front focus placed sheet of paper and pen on tablemeeting room in front focus placed sheet of paper and pen on table spills should be attended to immediately to avoid lingering stains and odours. Proper aftercare should be done after using comfort rooms, lounges, pantries, conference rooms, and storage areas. These are areas where rules should be strictly set. You may impose reasonable fines and penalties for anyone caught littering or not cleaning after their mess. This ensures better compliance so your place remains presentable to clients. Making sure that things are well-organised also makes for a safe workplace, preventing accidents that may be caused by misplaced objects.

Office and industrial cleaners can only do their best to give you a nice and clean workplace. But a great environment can only be achieved if you and your employees also work together to maintain cleanliness. This won’t only leave a great impression on your clients, but will also boost your business all in all.